Research group on sustainable well-being in ageing societies

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The research group consists of an interdisciplinary team of researchers who aim at studying various aspects of public efforts to mitigate negative consequences of population ageing from viewpoints of sociology, political science, legal studies and economics. The research group comprises 5 research topics: 
- Welfare Reforms in Low-Trust European Societies: How are the national political configurations shaping the adopted welfare reform policies in the various EU member states?
- Immigration, minorities and the welfare system in the aging societies: The main research question is how pension regimes and immigration policies potentially interact in shaping voters‟ redistributive preferences
- Demographic sustainability and the constitution: The research will concentrate on existing constitutional solutions (norms and interpretations) all over the world, on the one hand, and proposed solutions, on the other hand.
- Increasing Labour Market Participation and Sustainable Competitiveness: This research studies how the introduction of new and innovative workplace arrangements  might be a possible solution for the problems raised by the ageing workforce.
- Family solidarity as substitute for public transfers: The study focuses on the likely effects of public policy changes on family solidarity in Hungary in comparative perspective.

Project leader: Márton Medgyesi (IS CSS HAS)

Research team:
Bartha, Attila  (IPS CSS HAS)
Csizmadia, Péter (IS CSS HAS)
Illésy, Miklós (IS CSS HAS)
Jakab, András (ILS CSS HAS)
Janky, Béla (IS CSS HAS)
Makó, Csaba (IS CSS HAS)
Tóth, András (IPS CSS HAS)